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Procedure for the Establishment of Research Centres



A research centre/institute is created to promote and encourage scholarly Research, Educational, Quality and Skill Enhancement  activity It is expected to offer new areas of research activity which align with the strategic plans and objective of IIRSG FOUNDATION. This procedure outlines the process for establishing a new research centre.

Governance structure:

A formal system established to properly manage a research centre and to provide direction for its future growth and development in accordance with the Policy, Establishment, Operations and Review of IIRSG FOUNDATION.


Members of a centre actively engage in the work of the centre and contribute to the centre through collaborative research, publishing, mobilization of knowledge, as well as seminars/conferences/workshops organized by the centre. It is expected that members will identify themselves as centre members in publications. Such members shall include following category:

  • Research Officer : Research Officer should have Doctoral and Post Doctoral Degree in related field.

  • Research Associate : Research Associate should have Master Degree  in related field and should have 5 or more than 5 years of experience in related field of research.

  • Research Assistant ; Research Assistant should have Bachelor Degree or Diploma in related field.

  • Research Methodology Coursework :

  • This course offers researchers the chance to develop a variety of key research skills for producing a great written project.

  • you’ll identify how to define topics worthy of research and the main issues to solve using the research process.

  • As you come to understand the importance of the initial choices and plans made when developing a project,

  • you’ll have the opportunity to learn how to define research problems and create a research plan outlining the actions needed to reach your goals.

  • You shall also learn how to develop an informed rationale and hypothesis for a research question.

  • By the end of the course, you shall have the tools and research skills you need to develop a strong research question for a proposed piece of research.

  • In order to be appointed as Research Associate and Research Assistant, it is necessary to complete Research Methodology Course and must qualify the exam.

  • Single point of contact : In order to maintain communication between Research centre or Institute & The Officials of the IIRSG FOUNDATION, Research Centre or Institute must appoint  at least one person who shall act as Single point of contact. Workframe of SPOC are as under –

  • such person may be the member of concerned Research centre or Institute who shall act as a Single point of contact.

  • to maintain communication between  Research centre or Institute and The Officials of the IIRSG FOUNDATION.

  • to provide information  as prescribed and required  by  The officials of the IIRSG FOUNDATION.