IIRSG initiated the Quality Improvement Program (QIP) with the goal of enabling academia  to engage and contribute to numerous space-related research activities. Under QIP, initiatives are  conducted by universities / academic organizations in the fields of interest to the Space Program. 

IIRSG has established the QIP to provide the Academy in India with the requisite financial and  technological resources to carry out research and development activities relevant to space science,  space technology and space applications. It is the signature initiative of the IIRSG to encourage 

extra-mural work in new areas of space at universities.


Areas of Research

  • Space Science : Physics of the ionosphere and magnetosphere; meteorology, dynamics of the atmosphere; geophysics, geology; astronomy; cosmology; astrophysics; planetary and interplanetary space physics and climatology.

  • Space technology : Rocket and satellite technology; propulsion systems design and optimization; aerodynamics and heat transfer problems related to space vehicles; guidance and control systems for launch vehicles and spacecraft; polymer chemistry, propellant technology; ultra-light-weight structure; satellite energy systems; space electronics, space communication systems; orbital mechanics, computer sciences and new material development.

  • Military Application : Remote sensing for the Military Operations: space communication; satellite geodesy image processing, strategic planning and intelligent instrument design


  • Military and Space Technology

  • Earth Observations 

  • Space Science and Astrophysics

  • Civil Services

  • Investigation and Justice

Rocket Launch