IIRSG-Quality Improvement Program

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IIRSG-Quality Improvement Program 

providing platform to establish the application level instrumentation with the support of INDIAN SPACE RESEARCH ORGANIZATION (ISRO)

with the help of variour government bodies thoughout from India, Students will be alloted for specific project to develop the environment. 

Due to this allotment students will get benefits like:

*Certificate course from QIP

*Certificate course from ISRO

*Field visits

*Academic Project

*Research Papers will be published

*Conference for presentations

*Carious earning schemes

IIRSG, Nashik works with 6 different Department as,

  1. Department of geology

  2. Department of Forest & Agriculture

  3. Department of Disaster analysis

  4. Department of Photogrammetry

  5. Department of Oceanography

  6. Department of Instrumentation

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